Windows Media Streaming

At AnharNet we offer Windows Media 9 Series Streaming with our stream-Cache CDN. Our Streaming Media Hosting technicians carry industry standard certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. In addition Streaming Media Hosting is a Microsoft Certified Partner, working closely with Microsoft to beta test new technologies as well as receiving extensive technical and sales training directly from Microsoft.

Windows Media Services 9 Series Live Internet Broadcasting is a convenient and inexpensive platform for broadcasting  high quality audio and video content over the internet at any bit rate. With AnharNet all you have to do is, send an encoded stream and we will relay that broadcast over the internet for you.

Fast Streaming When Windows Media Player 9 Series connects to a server running Windows Media Services 9 Series, broadband users can benefit from the Fast Streaming technologies of Windows Media 9 Series providing an instant-on/always on playback experience. Windows Media 9 Series Fast Streaming consists of three (3) new technologies:

Standard Features
- Advanced Statistics and Reporting with Sophisticated Marketing Tools
- Fully Redundant Load Balanced Platform
- Windows Server 2008 Platform
- Free Technical Support

Fast Start - Fast Start eliminates buffering time whether playing a single piece of content, or switching seamlessly between on-demand clips or broadcast channels to deliver to users an instant-on playback experience.

Fast Cache - Communicating with the Windows Media 9 Series server, Windows Media Player caches the stream as far in advance as the network connection will allow, reducing the likelihood of an interruption in play caused by network issues.

Fast Reconnect - Windows Media Player 9 Series automatically restores live or on-demand connections if it is disconnected during a broadcast instead of simply displaying an error and quitting. Combined with the Fast Cache technology, most users will not even know their player was disconnected from the server.

AnharNet Network key features

- Multi-homed (several bandwidth providers)
- Full-meshed OSPF/BGP4 Network
- Redundant Gigabits links to operators
- IPV 6 compatible network
- 100% optical fiber Backbone
- Servers location: USA and Europe

- Redundant Routers
- Redundant Firewalls
- Network Monitoring with internal and external probes checking availability and quality
- TCP and UDP Ports Monitoring

These technologies ensure a highly reliable and super fast connection to your streams. Each AnharNet Windows Media streaming server (Hardware specs: Dell PowerEdge® Server - Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X3360, 2.83GHz - 4GB RAM - 2X HD SCSI 15k RPM - OS: Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition) is connected to a 1Gbps dedicated port, which we make sure will never run out of bandwidth. How? An automated system monitors the usage and as soon as a server has reached 80% of the capacity, new connections are shifted to a new server. This guarantees absolutely secure and stable streams.

"State-of-the-Art Technology" and highly reliable networks give us the confidence to guarantee that, AnharNet will make sure your server's connection remain available 99.9% which (by stream hosting industry standards) is incredible.

Bandwith Calculator

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* Listeners if your running audio stream or Viewers if running video stream