ShoutCast Streaming

What is SHOUTcast ?
SHOUTcast hosting is a streaming audio solution which permits anyone to broadcast audio to listeners across the internet. You basically become your own radio station, but instead of broadcasting through radio waves, you broadcast through the internet. Your listeners can tune in through any supported media player, such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer, etc.

Why should I have a hosted Shout Server?
Streaming internet radio is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of the internet.
Now anyone may quickly and economically run their own radio station to advertise their musical creations or enjoy the songs of their favorite artists. Due to our easy to use web-based interface, no prior knowledge on the working internals of ShoutCast is necessary. Also, streaming audio takes up a lot of bandwidth, often much more than you can support off your home internet connection. Our stable servers and high capacity bandwidth take over this strain and enable you to broadcast at a higher quality and support more listeners.

Shout hosting is an inexpensive solution for DJ's or bands who want to get their music out to the world and gain attention. Why bother with the cost and hassle of demo tapes, when you can direct interested parties to your Shout server and let them listen through the internet. If you have a website, or would like us to create one for you, you can have a link on your site that will directly open a user's media player and begin playing your Shout audio stream. It's the perfect way to get your music out to people all over the globe.

How do people find my station?
When you sign up for a Shout hosting account, we will automatically list your station with, which is a directory of stations on the internet. People across the globe go to that site to find stations to listen to by searching for particular genres, artists, track names, etc. In your server control panel, you will be able to input the genre you wish your station to be listed under . In addition, the artist and track name playing on your server will automatically update on If you have or wish to create a webpage for your station, you can have a link on the site which will automatically open the users default media player and begin playing your station with one simple click. Your Shout station will also have a specific web address which you can give out to people so they can listen.

What do I get with my SHOUTcast hosting account?
AnharNet SHOUTcast Server Hosting plans offer fast setup and no setup fees! With your SHOUTcast internet radio server, you will be able to login to our web-based control panel. You can control all aspects of your ShoutCast radio server there. You'll be able to check your bandwidth usage and see detailed statistics of listeners and their location.

Bandwith Calculator

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